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A CMS is the Foundation of all Great Websites.

At DigitalUs, we religiously believe that a Content Management System (CMS) should be easy-to-use at all skill levels across the enterprise, be immediately useful to the current business stage of your company and safely and securely run your company website, your most important marketing asset.

Our engineering team eats, sleeps and breathes CMS. It’s not something that we “also offer”. Building CMS-based websites that make your business grow with better content, more user engagement, and increased lead gen is what we’re all about.

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Strategy Plan

CMS Strategy & Planning

A Solution Focused on Your Business Goals

Before the first design comp is conceived or line of code is written, we dig deep into what your goals are. First we look at your higher level needs - increase lead gen, improve customer communications, expand into new territories. Then we move on to your specific, detailed requirements - personalized content delivery, dynamic lead forms, multi-lingual capabilities. By prioritizing your needs and requirements and weighing them against other factors including budget and your overall technical abilities, we’re able to develop a solution that’s right for you, helps expand your business, and gives you room to grow.

Comps & Spec Development

Just What You Need to Drive Your Business

Spec Development

Just like with your customer base, the 80/20 rule applies to Content Management. 20% of the features in a CMS platform will drive 80% of your usage of that system. Sure, there’s great advanced functionality available in the market. And for the right organization, a lot of it makes sense (DigitalUs has experience implementing all of it.) But our focus is to make sure that the real needs of your site users are understood and that we identify the pain points that your CMS needs to solve. We develop project specifications that are just right for you and deploy a feature set that is laser-focused on just what you need to take your business to the next level.

Implementation & Deployment

Expedite the Integration Process

When correctly implemented and integrated, a CMS is an extremely powerful and strategic business system. The right CMS, expertly deployed, can reduce costs by streamlining IT bottlenecks, improving efficiency, and speeding up the process of creating, editing, managing and publishing content on your website.

DigitaUs has built hundreds of complex, custom websites (some simple ones too). Our experience helps to ensure a successful implementation process with regard to both technical and content considerations. Remember, deploying a site on a new CMS also means populating that new site with content. We’ve helped clients large and small import existing and develop new content - efficiently and cost-effectively. For example, we assisted the Florida Department of Education in their migration of 3,500 pages of content and 20,000 total digital /_resources such as documents, images and media files from their previous site.

Customization & Integration

The Foundation of Your Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Your CMS-based website does not live on its own. In fact, it’s the foundation of most digital marketing initiatives and is often integrated to feed data to your CRM, Email, and Marketing Automation systems, or serve as a portal to other applications and back-end systems. DigitalUs has handled projects that run the gamut and has considerable experience integrating sites with Active Directory,, SugarCRM, Marketo, HubSpot, as well various eCommerce and Order Management platforms.

On a Desktop or Mobile Device, Your Brand Will Always Shine

We live in an increasingly mobile world and your customers are more and more likely to visit your site on their mobile device. DigitalUs has vast expertise in developing CMS solutions that power great mobile brand experiences. Leveraging responsive design and incorporating technical features like mobile preview and device detection ensures that you’re in control of, and able to deliver a consistently great experience on all devices.

Customization Integration

Usability Testing

A Great Website is More Than Just a Pretty Face

Usability Testing

Sure, your website should look great but how easy you make it for your users to find content or complete tasks is just as essential. One of the most important aspects in website development is testing for usability. Your customers are more internet savvy than ever. They know what good looks like and won’t take the time to figure out a site that’s not easy to use. DigitalUs employs many techniques to ensure highly usable website outcomes. We’ve built websites to accommodate all types of website users - from beginners to expert and everything in between. Our testing process gets at the core of what your users need to accomplish, and delivers on that promise.

Our Technologies

Straightforward CMS Options for
Every Organization

There are tons of CMS platforms available on the market today and there’s no such thing as a one-size fits all solution. DigitalUs has extensive experience implementing a vast array of CMS technologies and has focused on a shortlist of platforms that can handle virtually all business need and budget scenarios.

  Solodev CMSSolodev CMS Drupal CMSDrupal Wordpress CMSWordpress
Enterprise and Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Small Businesses
Website Complexity Unlimited customizations possible Highly customizable Customizable with plug-ins but better for more straight forward websites

Training, Consulting
& Support

We Put You in the Driver’s Seat

We’re dedicated to giving our customers the knowledge and experience they need to get the most out their CMS-driven website. We’re able to do that by providing a consistently high level of training, ongoing consultation and dedicated support. Our team of experts can provide personalized user training and documentation for your specific CMS deployment - after all, it’s our goal to hand you the keys so you’re able to derive the most value from your website. Have questions after launch or need additional customization? We have a team to handle your continued needs. We can also cost-effectively host and provide ongoing management of your website on our state of the art hosting environment.


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